Turbo blower and roots blower compare break even point in Thailand

Thailand has been an active player in Southeast Asia Countries and Thailand is ranked 2nd after Indonesia and in front of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Vietnam, Myanmar, Combodia, Laos etc when compared by GDP. And Thailand is ranked after Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia when compared by GDP per Capita.

Water treatment industry in Thailand is mainly involved in Industial water treatment plant, Utilities water treatment plant, Drinking water teratment plant etc, and roots blower is the most widely used aeration blower for the past years, UNOMACH roots blower, LONGTECH roots blower, GSD roots blower, HEYWEL roots blower, TAIKO SSR roots blower, Tsurumi roots blower is the main roots blower supplier and brand in the market.

Roots blower is a high energy consumption aeration blower in tradition water treatment plant and roots blower consume 40% to 70% of the overall energy consumption in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).With energy price keep going up and ongoing demand of lowering energy cost from water treatment plant operator, more and more waste water treatment plant start to turn to turbo blowers.

Turbo blower price is more expensive than roots blower, so we normall make a purchase base on turbo blower and roots blower compare break even point, below is a 1,000 m3 /day plant. old aeration blower is roots blower:

Now we need to check what is the energy consumption when we choose a turbo blower:

By comparing roots blower energy consumption and turbo blower energy consumption, we get our conclusion, energy saving is not that big and maybe it's not wise to turn to turbo blower when we only see it on energy saving:

Due to limited information on old blower actual energy consumption at site, the above calculation is based on provided information by water treatment operator, we get the conclusion.

When we consider other feature of turbo blower: lower noise, almost no maintenance, long service life, it's another story.

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